App Mobius USB Tools is safe and simply the best, most sophisticated, and most advanced Android app for the Mobius family: Mobius-Mini, Mobius-2, Mobius, and #16 cameras.

    • If Play Store does not install app Mobius USB Tools, use app OTG Status to find out why and learn how to solve problem.
    • In case of difficulty with app Mobius USB Tools, use app OTG Status to identify problems and solve them.

Providing super smooth User interface for configuration and HD LiveView (including Mobius' 3D and 4-cams), app Mobius USB Tools automatically matches camera mode without any User intervention (after initial connections).

This app requires using a special Micro-to-Mini USB OTG Adapter cable to function correctly.
    • v2.0.1.4 Fixed runtime permissions + made several improvements.
    • v2.0.1.3 Mobius-Mini Firmware 0.92.
    • v2.0.1.2 Changes to ensure License continues to work.
    • v2.0.1.1 Mobius-Mini Firmware 0.90, bug fixes, and corrections.
    • v2.0.1.0 Mobius-2 Firmware 2.08 and Mobius-2 bug fix.
    • v2.0.0.9 Bug fix.
    • v2.0.0.8 Fixed issue with ActionBar colour (blue icons invisible on Samsung Phones).
    • v2.0.0.7 Fixed issue with some Mobile Networks.
    • v2.0.0.5 Improved section 'Multiple Google accounts' in 'App Licensing, Read Me'.
    • v2.0.0.4 Support for multiple Play Store Accounts.
    • v2.0.0.2 License verification increased to 30 days (legacy licenses remain at 15 days).