App OTG Status determines if phone/tablet provides basic, limited, or full USB OTG support and can detect Mobius-Mini, Mobius-2, Mobius, #16, and UVC compliant USB Cameras.

Note: Limited USB OTG support means phone/tablet can detect and display content of USB Mass Storage device but Play Store cannot install app Mobius USB Tools or USBcam; app OTG Status tells you exactly why and how to solve problem.

A standard USB OTG Adapter cable is required to perform tests displayed on screen:

By watching USB OTG connection, app OTG Status also confirms that a USB OTG Adapter is working correctly.

A special Micro-to-Mini USB OTG Adapter cable is required to connect Mobius-2, Mobius-Mini, Mobius, and #16 cameras:

    • v4.0.0.9 Fixed runtime permissions + made several improvements.
    • v4.0.0.8 Changes to ensure License continues to work.
    • v4.0.0.7 Bug fixes and corrections.
    • v4.0.0.6 Bug fix and improvements.
    • v4.0.0.5 Fixed issue with ActionBar colour (blue icons invisible on Samsung Phones).
    • v4.0.0.4 Fixed issue with some Mobile Networks.
    • v4.0.0.2 Support for multiple Play Store Accounts.
    • v4.0.0.1 License verification increased to 30 days (legacy licenses remain at 15 days).