Clarification regarding Android USB Authorizations:
Play Store does not allow installing apps that will not work in User's phone/tablet. The mechanism that Play Store uses to determine if phone/tablet can run an app is to check for the presence of required Authorization file(s).

Solution for missing USB Authorizations:
Note: Rooting your phone/tablet is never required to run any app.
The following procedures applies exclusively when USB Authorization file does not exist (or content is in the wrong format).
1 - Root your phone/tablet (use Google search) and reboot it.
Warning: iMobiusMike assumes absolutely no responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from following whatever rooting instructions you may find on the Internet.
2 - The following information is provided to you as is without any warranty of any kind. If you decide to proceed, you are doing it entirely at your own risk. Most people have reported successfully using the instructions described here to add USB authorizations to their phone/tablet.
Note: With a Nexus 4, many people have reported successfully using the instructions described here.
3 - Reboot phone/tablet.
4 - Open Play Store and search for iMobiusMike to get a list of available apps.